A glimpse into a MOTHER BLESSING at eventide

Blessing the Mothers

What is a Mother Blessing?

Borrowed from the Blessingway of the Diné people, the Mother Blessing is an event that uses ceremony and ritual to celebrate a woman's rite of passage into motherhood.  This passage may be her first, or it may one for a subsequent birth since each passage is different.  The Mother Blessing is a way for a woman to prepare for labor spiritually, in whatever manner is meaningful to her.  For some, this will include prayers and songs; for others it will include a fire ceremony, potluck and art.  Each woman requests the activities of her choosing to include in her Mother Blessing.


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Some activities enjoyed by mothers previously include:

Making Prayer Flags               Birth Necklace               Co-ed Celebrations

Candle Lighting                       Belly Casting                 Nighttime Fire Ceremonies

Special Blessings                    Hair Brushing                Web of Life Yarn Ceremony

Herbal Foot Bath                     Flower crown                 Community Potluck

Birth Art                                  Music and Poetry           Prayers and Songs

Fear Release                          Great Story                    Labor Support Prayer Circle . . . and more.

Celebrations blessing the mother in the light of day

Mother Blessing Celebrations

Sacred Circle to support the mother as she prepares for childbirth.