Kathie Neff, Los Angeles Area Birth Doula, Educator and Birth Story Labyrinth Mentor

CCE(BFW), CD(DONA), Birthing From Within Professional Birth Trainer


Welcome to an Extraordinary Path Toward Birth!

As a Certified BIRTHING FROM WITHIN Childbirth Educator, I use the Three Ways of Knowing: Ancient Knowing, Modern Knowing, and Knowing Self  to provide a strong foundation from which to prepare for your birth.

Utilizing a lens of knowing encourages a strength-based, adult learning experience, built into my services, which helps you to prepare for labor and birth in a way that also prepares you for parenting . . . and for life.

As a Birth Professional serving the Inland Counties and surrounding communities since 2009, I offer a Personalized Doula & CBE Service, In-Person or Online Childbirth Classes, Birth Coaching, and Birth Story Labyrinth Listening Sessions.

If chosen, I would be honored to serve as your Doula and Childbirth Educator. After 14 years of experience and training, I still find working with parents to prepare for birth and parenting is one of the greatest joys of my life.

What do I need to know to give birth? Who am I before birth? Who am I after I give birth?

As your doula and educator we look through the lens of Ancient Knowing, Modern Knowing, and Knowing Self to explore these questions.

Doula support includes a Birth Story Support Session, 5-week CBE course, Hands-on support at the birth, and texts, emails, or phone calls throughout our time together.

Doula Support and Childbirth Preparation Classes provide an extraordinary organic preparation experience for just $1,450 paid in increments to fit your budget.

online childbirth classes


As the days and weeks fly by, and you imagine meeting your precious baby for the first time, taking a class can help!

In the tradition of Birthing From Within, a variety of maps will help you to find your way through labor. Additionally, we offer a variety of tried and true Pain Coping Practices. No matter your particular plan (unmedicated, or epidural, or other plan) meeting the intensity of labor with strong Pain Coping Practices, practiced in advance, can instill confidence as you move toward that first contraction. The opportunity to explore the potential of each method in class allows you to "add" the practices you find most helpful to your "gathering basket" for labor.

Combining the Pain Coping Skills with practical information about your body's process during labor provides a well-rounded backdrop for how to use your voice and new skills during labor.

I offer online childbirth classes, in person group sessions, and private childbirth classes. Simply let me know what you would like and we will make it happen!

What do I already know about birth? What about a MAP for labor?

How the body works in labor and how to encourage labor progress.

Creating a Safe Environment in any birth location

Meeting Unexpected Surprises with Resilience

Planning for Practical Solutions Postpartum

Birth and Parenting as a Rite of Passage: What do I need?


Your extraordinary BFW Childbirth Course is:

  • FREE when you work with me as your Birth Doula
  • $300.00 for a 5-Week Private BFW Course
  • $300.00 for a Group 5 Week BFW Childbirth Classes. *if you sign up with friends you EACH get the class for $150.00 per couple!
  • $100.00 for a 2-3 hr. class if you just want to attend a few sessions, or want to book a last minute private session before you give birth?
  • $50 Childbirth Consult Calls

"Kathie’s services were invaluable in helping me to heal my birth story. Following the birth of my daughter, I was left with a whiplash of complicated emotions. Kathie guided me through these raw emotions, helping me to process the most painful parts. Her nurturing and non-judgmental demeanor made me feel safe, and I am deeply grateful." -Macon

"Kathie's BFW Classes helped us to prepare for the unknown: labor & delivery and a new life with a new little one . . ."

" . . . her wisdom, gentleness, and non-judgmental spirit were our faithful guides. We are so grateful for her!" - Mandy and Matt

"Kathie was our doula for the birth of our third child. Before his arrival, she helped us heal from previous birth trauma and reclaim rituals to welcome him . . ."

". . . during his birth, her calm and confident knowledge of a woman's birthing body helped him make his way peacefully. Kathie is a wise elder that will nurture and help you grow your family." - Anna V

"Kathie is an intuitive teacher and comforting advocate. She gave me courage, knowledge, resilience and love in the anticipation of baby and during the labyrinth of labor!" - Erin M.

"As a husband working to support my wife through birth, I can truly say that having Kathie as our doula to support both of us was invaluable. That she's so knowledgeable, capable and present is just the start of it . . .

. . . it was her wisdom, her attention, her care and her confidence that rooted us in the moments when we needed it most."  - Rana B.

"Kathie, thank you for all your help and support during my first pregnancy. Your experience as a mother and as a doula guided me through every step of the process . . . "

" . . . and during my second pregnancy I found Birth Story Listening to be especially helpful while working through my feelings post-birth. It helped me to release certain feelings and expectations before the birth of my second child."  - M. Garcia

"Thank you for all your help, guidance, and advocacy throughout my pregnancy. You are a warm light in my small world and I appreciate all the time we have had together." - Jasmine

"Thank you for allowing me to be open with you, for being absolutely supportive with responding to my needs and guiding me towards a much more easing path of reflection. I am so honored to be with you for this journey."  - Emily V.


Pain Coping Workshop Labor

MEDICAID CLIENTS! GREAT NEWS in 2023 for Birthing Parents on Medicaid!!

​The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) has added doula services to the list​​​​​​​​ of preventive services covered under the Medi-Cal program!

Find the latest details here:


Virtual Pregnancy Support California

Pregnancy and Birth Coaching

Book a phone coaching call if you just need a quick dose of support or if you have questions.

  • Exploring hospital, home or birth center as possible birth locations
  • Discussing your particular needs in birth preparation and how I might assist you
  • Reviewing how Covid-19 has impacted normal protocols in hospital
  • Email replies are no cost: myseasonswithin@gmail.com
  • Phone Consult: $50.00 for 1 hour
Birth Story Listening Sessions

Birth Story Labyrinth Listening Sessions: In Person or Online

The Birth Story Labyrinth process is designed to help explore any residual feelings you may have from a challenging experience giving birth. 

"The bad news is that trauma exists. The good news is, it's not a life-sentence." Dr. Peter A. Levine

A gentle, yet powerful, process to explore challenges that came up during your birth and view them through a unique lens. This process can be helpful in offering:

  • access to greater peace of mind;
  • as preparation for a subsequent birth;
  • as a helpful tool for birth givers and birth workers alike.

Appointments by phone or in person.

Sliding scale of $45, $65, or $95 per 1-1/2 hr session via Zoom or in person

Contact me to get started..

Service Area

Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area including Riverside & San Bernardino Counties since 2009.



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Birth does not ask you to be fearless. It asks you to be Brave.

Britta Bushnell, PhD